Plezier vinden in je dagelijkse woon-werkverkeer. Kawasaki biedt elektrisch rijplezier met zijn nieuwe pure EV-motorfietsen. De nieuwe Z e-1 en Ninja e-1.

Z Supernaked Styling

Z e-1

The new Z e-1 balances the aggressive styling of Z Supernaked models with a fresh, futuristic expression of Kawasaki EV models. Where ICE Supernaked models highlight the engine and exhaust as key styling elements, the more compact motor and lack of an exhaust system creates a much higher ground clearance, which is balanced by a lower “fuel tank.” All-LED lighting contributes to a modern, high-tech image.

Ninja Supersport Styling

Ninja e-1

Like its Ninja brethren, the Ninja e-1 features seductive, fullfairing bodywork. The large-volume bodywork attracts attention and gives the impression of a larger machine. This impression is reinforced by the high-class design and superb fit and finish, which are comparable to bikes from a larger-displacement class. All-LED lighting contributes to a modern, high-tech image.